POSITION PAPER | Long Term Investment


Confrontations Europe

It is only by looking long-term that we can shape a future for Europe. There has been some recent progress, but bridging the gap between “where we are aiming at” and “where we currently are” (or using Philippe Herzog, founding president of Confrontations Europe’s words: “the long-term spirit” and “the legacy”) still requires substantial work.

After 15 years of fight by Confrontations Europe and our network of partners (industrial players from different sectors, private and public financial players from different European countries), it is the European Commission, and not so much the Member States, which started to raise issues of mutual interest on long term investment, of financing of the economy. But we still need a qualitative change.

Following the third edition of CONFRONTATIONS EUROPE’S Conference on Long Term held in Brussels on October 26, 2017, this Policy Brief highlights a series of recommendations to key EU policy-makers.